Why is discipline important? Discipline teaches us to operate by principle rather than desire. Saying ‘ no’ to our impulses puts us in control of our appetites rather than vice versa. Instead,it controls our desires and permits truth, virtue and integrity to rule over our minds and intention instead.  PIS believes that the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make oneself do the thing one has to do, whether one  likes it or not. To ensure a disciplined environment in the campus, a discipline committee guided by an advisory body remains busy with their wholehearted efforts.

Followings are some rules of discipline that we follow strictly in our school:

  • Students’ uniform (i,e  dress , tie, shoes, apron, scarf, nail, hair etc.) should be proper.
  • Shoes must be black with lace for boys and black velcro shoes for girls. Only boys will wear white keds for Physical Education class.
  • Students must enter the school gate by 7:55 am(Junior Campus) and 8:10 am(Senior Campus) and gate will be locked just after the stipulated time.
  • Students shall be checked every Thursday and Sunday in the Assembly.
  • Speaking English(except in Bangla Class) is mandatory. Students must speak in English everywhere in the School Campus.
  • Writing & scratching on the desk, chair, toilet and wall is strictly prohibited.
  • Shouting , running and fighting (specially in the corridor) are not allowed.
  • Students will go upstairs and downstairs in line following their left.
  • The last period being over, all students will get down and wait at the ground for their cars to come.
  • No student can go to play ground in the free class, rather they will sit in the library.
  • Mobile phone or other electronic devices and any objectionable materials etc. shall be seized(if seen with the students) and parents will be called and warned.
  • During departure, students shouldn’t play games on the ground.
  • Students of 2nd & 3rd floor will use the emergency stairs.
  • Students remaining absent for maximum five days a month except medical reasons shall be temporarily expelled.
  • During school time, no student will be allowed to leave the campus without gate pass.