C.T & Exam

Class Test:

  • 3 class tests are obligatory in the first term. If 4 or 5 tests are taken, the best 3 are considered. 5% of class performance, 5% of Homework and 10% of class tests will be added in the term final examinations.
  • If a student misses any test due to serious illness, missed test will be taken if the guardian submits application with medical reports. If the cause is genuine and acceptable, result will be calculated with the tests he appeared if there is no requisite time.
  • When a student is seriously ill, he/she can come in that particular period and leave after appearing at the test.
  • When a student tries to adopt unfair means during the class-test, his paper will be taken away from him for 5 minutes as a punishment.
  • If any student copies from any prepared sheet, his/ her test will be cancelled.
  • In case of missing CT (for any silly reason like family programme, attending marriage ceremony etc.) final result will be calculated without class test marks. In that case CT marks will be counted as 0 (Zero).
  • Class test marks will be counted if the CT paper is checked by the parents.


  • There will be three terms in a year.
  • If any student misses any paper of the Term exam, his /her average result will be done dividing by three. That student’s CT, CP, HW marks will be counted.
  • If a student is expelled for copying from sheet of papers during exam, his/her paper will be cancelled, in other cases such as peeping over other’s copy etc. the invigilator will be empowered to deduct 5 marks (consulting with the Exam Convenor/ School Head) but will get the promotion if he passes the subject on average and can sit for the rest.
  • N/A students’ (for example- missed the test for serious illness or for the death of any family member etc.) result will be divided with 2 terms’ results and Absentee students’ (for example- missed the exam for family programme, visiting abroad etc.) result will be divided with 3 terms’ results.
  • If a student is ill during the exam a separate room is allotted for that particular student.
  • If a student is absent on the Arabic, Reading, Sp. Dict, Ext. Speaking and Computer Science Practical Exams (usually held during class time) his exam will not be taken later on.
  • In case of Spelling Dict. and Ext. Speaking, exams will be held in 2 days for each subject.
  • No exam will be rescheduled for the absentees for any reason.
  • If any student joins after 1st term, his/her result will be given on the basis of the two terms. Similarly if any student joins in the Final term his/her result will be given on the basis of the Final term only.
  • O level, AS level & A level candidates shall appear at Mock Exams before registration.
  • In Final term, the average of Three Terms result will be considered as Final result or Grade.
  • Report cards must be returned (except Final Term) to school with the parent’s signature.


If any student fails in basic subjects (English, Bangla, Maths & Science), he/she will not be promoted to the next class. If he/she passes on the above subjects in the final term his/her case can be considered. Bangla can be relaxed for the students coming from abroad.