Presidency International School (PIS) offers a balanced education programme comprising the National and British Curricula designed for the classes from Playgroup to A’ Level which subsequently lead to the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) O’ and A’ Level General Certificate of Education (GCE) Exams. The curriculum focuses on developing students’ creativity and their understanding the environment and its surroundings. We have a commitment to build self-motivated, competent and skilled students of global standard.
Junior School
Our Junior School imparts a well designed and highly thought provoking curriculum for the learners aged 3+ to 10 years (Playgroup to Class Four), which is relevant to the modern world and challenging as well. We encourage our tiny tots to have a look at their surroundings, think themselves, express their views and opinions and thus improve their knowledge and develop listening and verbal skills. We create such an environment which is congenial to individual student’s expression and participation. We emphasise on moral and ethical values. We teach the following subjects in junior classes:
1.English Language & Literature
4.Bangladesh & Global Studies
6.Computer Studies
10.Physical Education

Our students, as they grow up, become fond of learning by handling the objects and by using their senses. Confidence thus grows in their minds and they prove their genius through writing skill. Their innate quality is shown through various group activities and tasks assigned to them. First Term is assessed on the basis of class tests only.

Middle School

The Middle School comprises classes from Five to Seven (ages from 10+ to 13 years). Here, students come with a diverse range of culture, backgrounds and experiences. Though English is the language of communication, Bengali is not given less emphasis rather it is a compulsory subject for the students (from Playgroup to O’ Level). We uphold Bangladeshi tradition and culture to our students by observing all the National Days in a splendid manner. The subjects taught in the Middle School are as follows:
1.English Language & Literature
2.Bengali Language & Literature
4.Bangladesh & Global Studies
5.Combined Science
6.Computer Studies
10.Physical Education
11.Performing Arts

Learning in these classes has been designed to develop positive attitude towards life because here, the curriculum focuses on developing students’ creativity and their understanding the environment and its surroundings. Their First Term is assessed on the basis of class tests only.

The O’ and A’ Level programmes of our Senior School provide a highly demanding, competitive and expansive educational qualifications. Bengali and Bangladesh Studies are compulsory in O’ Level. Our skilled and excellent O’ and A’ Level faculty, accomplished with knowledge of the latest development of education through training from home and abroad, ensure the best guidance to the students for their success in the exams. The students’ result of Mock Exams very closely mirror their real results. In fact, O’ and A’ Level programmes pave the way to our students for their entry to the world class universities at home and abroad.The subjects offered in O’ and A’ Levels have been mentioned below:

O’ Level A’ Level
Sl. Subjects Code Sl. Subjects Code
1 Additional Mathematics 4037/12 1 Accounting 9706/01
4037/22 9706/02
2 Bangladesh Studies 7094/12 2 Biology 9700/01
7094/22 9700/02
3 Bengali 3204/1 9700/03
3204/2 3 Business Studies 9707/01
4 Biology 5090/12 9707/02
5090/22 4 Chemistry 9701/01
5090/32 9701/02
5090/62 9701/03
5 Business Studies 7115/11 5 Computer Science 7010/01
7115/12 7010/02
6 Chemistry 5070/12 6 Economics 9708/01
5070/22 9708/02
5070/32 7 English Language (AS) 9093/12
5070/42 English Language (AS) 9093/22
7 Computer Science 2210/12 English Language 9093/32
2210/32 English Language 9093/42
8 Commerce 7100/12 8 Literature in English 9695/52
7100/22 Literature in English 9695/62
9 Economics 2281/12 Literature in English 9695/72
2281/22 Literature in English (AS) 9695/32
10 English Language 1123/12 Literature in English (AS) 9695/42
1123/22 9 Mathematics 9709/01
11 Islamiyat 2058/12 9709/04
2058/12 10 Physics 9702/01
12 Literature in English 2010/12 9702/02
2010/12 9702/03
13 Mathematics – D 4024/12
14 Principles of Accounts 7110/12
15 Physics 7110/22

Alongside the broad and modern curriculum, a wide range of co-curricular activities exist in PIS facilitating students to develop their creativity through Art, Debate (both Bangla and English), Extempore Speech, Performing Arts and what not. Extra-curricular activities abound in competitive and non-competitive sports such as football, cricket, basketball, chess, table-tennis, badminton, educational outing, village attachment, orphanage visit, Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme, community service and other charity works. We run different activity clubs too. We hope, a student blessed with these qualities, will of course grow self-esteem, self-confidence, teamwork, critical thinking in him. Through these, they will be lifelong learners and enable themselves to lead the nation in future.